Natural organic herbal products from Bulgaria

Welcome to Bulgar Herbs - organic supplements!

Our supplements are made of herbs, which grow wild in the heights of some of the most ecological areas in Bulgaria, the Rhodopes, Rila and Pirin mountains. They are 100% free of artificial substances.
Our supplements are consumed for the treatment of various diseases and conditions: 

  • high cholesterol
  • low and high blood pressure
  • stress or panic attacks
  • diabetes
  • weight problems
  • metal fatigue or other mental disorders
  • impotence
  • coughs and colds
  • hormonal disbalances
  • diseases associated with the kidney and the prostate
  • haemorrhoids
  • constipation and many others.

We are passionate about delivering natural products with the highest quality ingredients, which are environmentally, animal welfare and fair-trade practices friendly. We hope that you share our values and you will find our website informative and our products very helpful.